Cali Coast North Coast The latest and most prominent projects of Maven Real Estate Development Company The Cali Coast North Coast project is considered one of the most prominent real estate projects offered by Maven Real Estate Development Company, as it represents a qualitative shift in the world of real estate in Egypt. The project offers a unique residential and leisure experience on the shores of the Mediterranean, making it an ideal destination for those seeking sophistication and luxury.

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Minimum receipt period within 4 years
The lowest unit price starts from 6 million pounds
Lowest down payment 5%
The longest installment period is up to 8 years

Cali Coast North Coast by Maven Real Estate Development

Project features

The Cali Coast project is distinguished by its modern designs and various units that meet all needs, in addition to the spacious green spaces and numerous recreational facilities. The project provides security and maintenance services around the clock, while providing all basic services and luxury to its residents.

The project Location

Cali Coast is located in a strategic location on the northern coast of Egypt, distinguished by its charming view of the Mediterranean Sea. This location combines tranquility and proximity to the most important landmarks and services, making it an ideal place to live or spend enjoyable times.

Project design

Cali Coast was designed in a unique architectural style that combines modernity and elegance, relying on the use of high-quality building materials and designs that allow maximum use of spaces and panoramic views of the sea. The project is also keen to provide an integrated living environment that guarantees comfort and privacy for all residents.

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Advantages of Cali Coast North Coast

Wide green spaces and recreational facilities

High-level security and various services

Modern designs that combine originality and modernity

Direct view of the Mediterranean Sea

Various residential units of different sizes to suit needs

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Payment systems

Down payment starting from 5% and the rest in installments over a period of up to 9 years without interest

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